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Our Core Team

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DeckPlanet been built from the ground up to support players, local shops and other parties interested in the Dragon Ball Super Card Game. Its goal is to become the number one stop for fans and players of the DBSCG.

Kyle Frick

Owner and developer of the Deckplanet Brand & Website

Owner of the Deckplanet website and brand. Got into the Masters version of the game before the launch of BT17 and have been a huge fan ever since. The community is amazing, and wants to create the best deckbuilder for the multiple games of Dragon Ball CCG.

Tristan Jacobs

Creator of the DeckPlanet brand & website, master of sleepless nights

Is the founder and creator of DBS DeckPlanet. Created this website while sniffing booster packs to stay awake. Currently not actively playing (competitively) but spends his time updating the website, brainstorming with the team about new features, content and the like. Avid Warhammer 40K fan, just started playing the tabletop (Necron supremacy, for the infinite empire!). Pretends to play guitar. Check out his shitty band LOYALTY ENDS HERE.

Ray Gouweleeuw

Co-owner of Team DeckPlanet / Master of the Ban Hammer / Ruler of the Community

Started playing DBS together with Tris and was involved at the launch of the website by actively managing the DeckPlanet players team, the community, Discord etc.
Has way too many competitive decks, but his all-time favorite is Blue Baby. Known for playing control-type decks and occasionally aggro archetypes.

Firm believer that having a beard is mandatory as a pro player.

Tom Smith

Captain of Team DeckPlanet / Developer / Competitive Player

Started playing DBS in set 5, was a green Androids/Slug player for the longest time at the start. Started playing competitively when Covid hit and took part in most, if not all, of the online regionals. His most successful decks to date have been Android 16, Cell Surge and Dark Broly with a bunch of top 32s online, a fest top 2 and most recently an offline 5th at UKGE regionals.

Previous card games he has not done any competitively but played Yugioh and Pokemon as a teen, Hearthstone for a while in standard but now just plays Battlegrounds, and recently tried out Flesh and Blood and My Hero Universus

Josh McMorran

The guy with the voice / Content Creator / Competitive Player

Has been playing card games since he was 12 years old (namely Magic the Gathering) and has always been passionate about shiny cardboard. Dragon Ball was always a staple of his youth so starting to play it was a no brainer and he quickly developed a love for it. Is an official Bandai judge for the game and topped his first ever event using a rogue strategy which is where he met Tom and subsequently joined Team Deck Planet. He also loves playing live music and traveling.

Jonathon 'Jonny' Ainsley

Content Creator / Competitive Player

Jonny just.. does things. And he does them with copious amounts of energy. He's done plenty of shoutcasting work on various streams & events and does most of the video editing work for the DeckPlanet YouTube channel. He's been playing the game since set 2 came out.

Sam Davidson

Competitive Player

Also started playing around set 2. Favorite decks may contain flavors of SS4 Vegeta and King Vegeta. Anything with 'Vegeta' shivers his timbers basically. Sam is known for being the sarcastic but comic relief. He certainly has had Tris rolling on the floor a couple of times.

Example: Sam strongly believes Yellow is a very balanced and fair color and he has a love for long games of ramp on the beach.


Competitive Player

His favorite DBS color is Red, leading to his favorite current deck: Goku GT. His alltime favorite is U/Y Kid Icarus. Other than playing DBS, he spends his time on the PS5, watching anime/Marvel and keeping fit.

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